Apply Vietnam visa online (Vietnam e-visa) for citizens of Taiwan

It is time for you to start planning your trip to Vietnam. You have packed everything, read about the country and planned what you want to do and see – but have you forgotten about the visa situation?

I heard about Vietnam e-visa. Can I apply for Vietnam e-visa if I am citizens of Taiwan? (No, Taiwanese citizens are not eligible for Vietnam e-visa)

From 01 Feb 2019, under Decision 17/2019/NĐ-CP of the Government of Vietnam, there are 80 countries which citizens of it are eligible to apply online for an e-visa of Vietnam online (e-visa is a single entry valid for staying 30 days). We check but not found Taiwan national in this list, therefore, Taiwanese citizens should choose two options below to get a visa for Vietnam

If you are from Taiwan, you do need a visa in order to enter Vietnam. Rest assured, acquiring a visa has never been easier or faster. There are two options for you to acquire a visa. The first option is the one we recommend, because it is faster and a bit more smooth to apply to. It is called “Visa on Arrival” (VOA) and it is the most effective way to apply for a visa.

Getting visa on arrival Vietnam at Noi Bai Int'l airport in Hanoi city
Getting visa on arrival Vietnam at Noi Bai Int’l airport in Hanoi city

It is the most popular choice because of its convenience, quickness, safety and it is also inexpensive. You can apply for this anywhere in the world – whether you are in Taiwan or somewhere else, all you need to do is have a computer and internet. With a Visa on Arrival, there is no need to send your passport or any other important private documents. What you need to do is fill out an Online Application Form, wait for your confirmation letter and you will normally receive an Approval Letter within 2 working days. When everything is done, don’t forget to print out the finalized document, bring it to the airport in Vietnam and get it stamped by one of the immigration officers.

If you forgot to apply for a visa in good time, there is also the opportunity to get an Emergency Visa. It is then proceeded from 30 minutes to 4 hours. You will then receive an approval letter via email before boarding the plane. When you land in the country, the visa will be ready and stamped for you.

Young couple ready to travel Vietnam
Young couple ready to travel Vietnam

The second option is applying for a visa at the Vietnamese Consulate or Vietnamese Embassy in Taiwan. If you choose to go this way, you have to bring your passport and any relevant documents to the Representative office of Vietnam in Taiwan (consulate or embassy) in Taiwan. If you live far away from those places, it might be a bit inconvenient for you. Sometimes the progress of your application will take longer time as well, if there are important documents that are missing. The progress takes a longer time because of this and if you need a visa urgently, this is not the ideal option. However, if this is the only option that fits you the best, you will be happy to know that there is an embassy in Taiwan (address below).


As soon as you got a visa, you are good to go to the beautiful country of Vietnam. Traveling to Vietnam has increased in these past years and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop. This is a great time to visit the country, since more has developed and therefore it’s easier to travel. There are a ton of hostels in almost every city, good public transportation that can take you across the country (and it’s cheap!), and overall it has become safer now when tourism has boomed.

Tourists enjoying beer on busy Hanoi street full of bars
Tourists enjoying beer on busy Hanoi street full of bars

We recommend you to stay in the country for more than 15 days, since there is so much to do and so many places to visit. Many times, I met travelers who only had less than two weeks in the country, and they were… stressed. They didn’t realize that, well, things takes time! Last time I was in the country, I stayed in Hanoi for 4 days! And I felt like I could easily stay for longer if I just had more time. So, make sure to plan your trip well, remember that traveling sometimes takes way longer than you had planned, and enjoy the moments. Don’t stress too much just because you want to fit all in, instead, stay in one place for a bit longer and explore that place thoroughly. We promise you, every corner in Vietnam is unique and special.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for that visa, book your flight and come to sunny and beautiful Vietnam! We are waiting for you here!


Vietnam Economic and Culture Office in Taipei (Representative office of Vietnam in Taiwan)

  • Address: 3F, No.65, Sung Chiang Road, TAIPEI, TAIWAN
  • Phone: (8862) 2516 662
  • Fax: (8862) 2504 176
  • Email:

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