Dalat City of Vietnam – The City of Spring Eternal

Beautiful morning in Dalat Vietnam

If you’ve been in South East Asia for a while you are going to love Dalat City. Are you ready!!! Really ready—to cool off.

Known as ‘Le Petit Paris’, Dalat City is a favorite get away escape from the lowland heat of Vietnam. Resting 1500 meters above sea level, this European like city of over 350,000 residents, enjoys a spring like climate which is consistently cool and refreshing.

About a third of the city has a French architectural influence dating back to the late 1800s. Resting on a plateau near the town center a mini replica of the Eiffel Tower rises skyward for all to see and admire. While just out of town sits a much admired, neat and beautiful, French designed railroad station which actually runs 5 times a day to a small city 7 Kilometers down the track.

The St. Nicholas Cathedral (Dalat Cathedral) at Tran Phu Street in Da Lat city
The St. Nicholas Cathedral (Dalat Cathedral) at Tran Phu Street in Da Lat city

Demonstrating its constantly increasing popularity, the Dalat area attracted a new record of over 5 million visitors in 2017. The City has long enjoyed a reputation for a welcome climatic change by both the international and local travelers from all over Southeast Asia and the world. Boasting a beautiful mountain ambience flavored with an international French influence it has become a well-known destination which is much beloved and is now recognized as the honeymoon capital of Vietnam.

Newly arrived visitors can’t wait to taste the delicious large red strawberries found in the Dalat area. This in along with the fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the local farms. The area is famous for this fresh farm produce which is served in both Dalat restaurants as well as private homes.

Dining in Dalat restaurants is as highly rated as dining in any of the best restaurants in Vietnam. The restaurants are so diverse that they can easily accommodate every budget and every taste. No one is ever disappointed when eating in Dalat City.

Dalat night market
Dalat night market

A favorite past time after dining is to go walking and shopping for a special item in the huge night market found in the city center. Visitors especially like to shop for arts and local crafts found in the small shops in the central market place.

With over 450 different places to stay, Dalat is known for the great variety of hotels and rooms from which to choose. The places range from luxury resorts to fun and unique rooms—and are found at surprisingly low prices. The vast array of hotels in Dalat are often set in originally appealingly locations featuring buildings of colonial French architecture as well as other attractive varieties and styles. Many utilizing original picturesque settings either on a lakeside or on a mountainside.

Dalat style Banh Mi with meatball (Must-try in Dalat)
Dalat style Banh Mi with meatball (Must-try in Dalat)

Luxury hotels in the Dalat area are priced extremely well. In fact, nine of the currently rated top ten hotels were priced under $100 per night per room in 2018. One such example is the top rated Ana Mandara Villas which was priced as low as at just $135 per night in June of 2018. You can definitely get a great room at a great price in Dalat.

Budget traveler’s also have a wide selection when it comes to variety, quality and low prices. A great example of this is choosing a place to stay from one of the many rooms and homes listed with Airbnb. One such example  is a popular small Airbnb place called the “Brew and Breakfast.” Here you can find a double bed and a clean room for two for only $14 per night. Promised to be quiet, cozy, clean and comfortable, along with great local coffee at breakfast in the morning. Very hard to beat.

Da Lat countryside in the early morning
Da Lat countryside in the early morning

The greater Dalat area is famous for its many beautiful spots of nature. These are often best explored on two wheels—or in a car. A large man-made lake, numerous water falls or just a picturesque countryside scene are just some of the choices that are waiting for you when you adventure out of doors. Go on your own or take one of the excellent tours which are readily available for hire anytime you wish.

A few of the many things which are available to do in the Dalat area include:

The cable car

The cable car in Da Lat city
The cable car in Da Lat city

Just 3 kms south of center near the lake is the cable car ride. A very fun and beautiful ride that feels like your floating over the beautiful green rolling hills of Dalat. This 4 kilometers ride takes you to the Truc Lam Pagoda and the Tuyen Lam Lake. A ride you won’t soon forget.

Elephant Falls

Elephant waterfalls near Nam Ban village, Dalat
Elephant waterfalls near Nam Ban village, Dalat

The Elephant Falls are a 40km ride from Dalat center but it’s definitely worth it. The countryside scenery on the ride is amazing and very enlightening. The falls are large and spectacular. If you’re able you should try to hike down to the bottom of the falls. Watch out it’s slippery.

While you’re visiting the falls take another 5 minutes be sure and walk over to the “Stunning Dragon” entry of the Linh An Tu Pagoda and the Happy Buddha —you’ll be glad you did cause all three are great.

The Crazy House Hotel

incredible architecture of Crazy House - Hang Nga Guesthouse
incredible architecture of Crazy House – Hang Nga Guesthouse

Locally called the Hang Nga guesthouse, it is really just a crazy mixed up structure serving as a hotel. Super fun!!!

Designed by a brilliant local Vietnamese architect who is often compared to Barcelona’s famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

This imaginative and original structure will remind you of being on a set from Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland”. It’s really great fun with design elements reminding you of weird shapes of animals, caves, webs, strange faces and crooked trees.

And best of all for $30 to $60 you can have a great room for the night with a spectacular view. A room you’ll never forget.

So cool, refreshing and relaxing. So much fun to have in the mountains of Dalat.

So now are you ready to take a few days Dalat break from your Vietnam holiday? It just might be the best part of your entire trip. Just visit a local Vietnamese travel agent and you’ll be on your way—you won’t be sorry.

Or if you haven’t left home yet just visit see your favorite travel agent or go on line and book that amazing Vietnam Holiday you can’t wait to take.

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Let the fun begin!!!