Nha Trang, Vietnam – The New Riviera of Southeast Asia

A view of Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam

Europe’s French Riviera has nothing on Vietnam’s Nha Trang Bay. Approximately 300 kilometers north of Saigon, lies Nha Trang Bay with the popular and beautiful six kilometer long Tran Phu beach featuring soft white sand and the crystal clear, turquoise blue water of the East Vietnam Sea. Framed against a vibrant green backdrop of the spectacular Truong Son mountains—this city is now recognized as Vietnam’s most popular beach resort destination which is highly regarded by the international community as well.

But why do people love the Nha Trang holiday?

Because Nha Trang is special. A unique kind of holiday experience which offers more fun and excitement than any other beach city in Vietnam. Both the haves and the have nots love the Nha Trang holiday experience. Just being in Nha Trang makes people want to sing and dance.

Everyone both young and old looks forward to the day of arrival while dreading their day of departure. The experience of being in Nha Trang is such a special one that merely the sound of the name is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting there.

The Nha Trang Holiday experience feels so good BECAUSE:

Central Beach of Nha Trang (Tran Phu street)
Central Beach of Nha Trang (Tran Phu street)

Everyday there’s so much fun stuff to do. Where do I start?

Maybe start by sun bathing and swimming on one of the areas beautiful beaches. Or by going to the amazing Vinpearl Land Amusement Park on Hon Tre Island. Or by dining at your choice of dozens of great restaurants—morning, noon and night. And then afterwards shopping for something fun and special in one of the many shops or malls. While later partying and dancing well into the night. Then of course you can take a special tour or day trip any time you choose—always something new and fun to do in Nha Trang City.

Hotels, Resorts and Home-stays

The choice of great places in which to stay in Nha Trang is endless. There’s a place for every budget and ever taste. You can really spoil yourself, whether you’re a discerning billionaire or a carefree backpacker. Hostel dorms, Airbnb apartments, hotels and luxury resorts like—The InterContinental Hotel, The Sheraton Nha Trang, The Diamond Bay Resort and The Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang.

For example as a budget spoiler there’s the amazing, one of a kind, world renowned Six Senses Spa and Resort on nearby Ninh Van Bay. Here for a measly $700 a night you can enjoy an incredible, one of a kind, custom room right on the bay—a room uniquely reflecting nature’s spectacular beauty. You will experience fine dining each evening in either the very original “cave room” or outside on the terrace overlooking the beautiful bay. Luxury at its very best—a stay you will not forget is awaiting your next visit.

And after dinner if you wish you can party all night long at one of the beachside clubs or discos such as the popular “Sailing Club” on Tran Phu beach—here you’ll find both locals and visitors dancing the night away. Or if you chose you can enjoy a special drink and sushi at the French owned La Plage bar and lounge featuring great drinks, fantastic sushi and delightful ambiance.

Vinpearl Land Amusement Park

An amazing world class venue that’s loved by everybody both young and old alike. Plan a full day, packed with fun and excitement, for this incredibly large Disney like theme and aquatic park located on Hon Tre Island. The island is connected by the world’s longest over-water cable car system leaving from Tran Phu beach.

The park is a spectacular complex of Theme Park, Water Park, and a giant land based aquarium exhibiting over 300 species of beautiful exotic fish. Restaurants, beautiful beaches, thrilling rides, indoor games and outdoor rides. The water park includes a number of large thrilling water slides. The theme park includes up and down and round and round rides that you will love. So much fun to have and only one day in which to have it—all inclusive for only $39 per person. Remember you can always come back for more tomorrow.

Long Son Pagoda and Buddha

Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang city
Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang city

A visit to the Long Son Pagoda and great white Buddha is a must see for first time visitors to Nha Trang City. Located in the middle of the city on the foothill of Trai Thuy Mountain. Behind the pagoda is a long staircase leading up to the beautiful great white Buddha which was built in 1964.

Long Son Pagoda is a true work of art exhibiting turn-of-the- century Taoist architecture characterized by replicas of mythical animals and sculptures of Taoist gods. The pagoda is actually a working monetary complete with a school for monks.

Remember if you wish to enter the Pagoda you cannot be wearing tank tops or shorts.

Po Nagar Cham ancient temples

Po Nagar Cham ancient temples in Nha Trang
Po Nagar Cham ancient temples in Nha Trang

Po Nagar is a beautifully restored Cham Hindu temple built around 800 c.e. The temples are a big tourist favorite which stands on a small hill about 2km outside the city center. The towers are an excellent example of Cham style of ancient architecture and afford the visitor clear insight into an ancient culture.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in the Nha Trang Bay
Scuba Diving in the Nha Trang Bay

Scuba diving in Nha Trang is a favorite activity enjoyed by many of the adventurous visitors. Considered to be relatively easy place to dive it is perfect for those who are new to diving or those wanting to get certified.

Certifying lessons and diving tours are offered by a number of local dive shops. Typical visibility is an excellent 10 meters allowing the diver to fully experience all that the marine life under water has to offer. Another excellent activity and way to spend your time enjoying Nha Trang Bay.

Are you beginning to understand just how much fun you are going to have on your Nha Trang Holiday?

Are you ready to start smiling?

If so just call your favorite travel agent or go on line and book your flight to Saigon or even directly to Cam Ranh International Airport which services Nha Trang City.

Then when have booked your flight go on line to evisa-vietnam.com and order your “Vietnamese visa on arrival”. Which is easy as one-two-three.

Now you can begin to SMILE!!!

Vietnam visa on arrival office in Da Nang Airport
Vietnam visa on arrival office in Da Nang Airport