Five of the best hostels in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most backpacking friendly countries in the world (I’d say!). And there’s an abundance of hostels in the big cities, but also in the smaller areas. Whether you are traveling to Vietnam with a small budget or want to meet other travelers, a hostel is a good alternative.

Some of the best experiences I’ve had while traveling has been in hostels. Some are messier than others, and there are times when I’ve been so frustrated that I wished I had the money to go to a five star luxury hotel. But what’s so good about the fact that there’s an abundance of hostels is that you will always find something that will suit you better. Whether it is the small, family owned hostel that feels more like an actual home, or the big, more commercialised hostels where you will meet a bunch of other travelers and there’s a party going on every night.

During my month of traveling in Vietnam I got to see a lot of hostels. Some I really enjoyed and others that I would not recommend going to. Here I list five of the best hostels in Vietnam and why I highly recommend you to go to them:

1. Central Backpackers Hostel – Old Quarter, Hanoi

Price : 6 USD per night

Central Backpackers Hostel – Old Quarter, Hanoi
Central Backpackers Hostel – Old Quarter, Hanoi

Not only is this hostel very conveniently located in the Old Quarter, the facilities are also fresh and clean, and the hostel itself feels new. The Free Walking Tour the hostel offered was really informative and fun as well, and we ended with an orange juice in their rooftop bar. During daytime the hostel is quiet and calm, while at night there is usually a party on their rooftop bar. The staff is friendly and what I like about this hostel is that it didn’t feel like your typical party hostel. You could choose to sleep if you wanted to, or you could go up and have a cold beer.

2. See you at Lily’s, Hanoi

Price : around 5 USD per night

See you at Lily’s, Hanoi
See you at Lily’s, Hanoi

This is a bohemian hostel with a really nice atmosphere. The facilities are spacious, clean and well taken care of, the staff makes you feel welcomed the second you enter and you understand why many people say this is the best hostel in Hanoi – it almost feels like a home! The location is in the heart of Hanoi and if you wish to do any excursions or trips, the staff will be more than happy to help you.

3. Barney’s Hostel, Da Nang

Price : approximately 8 USD per night

Barney’s Hostel, Da Nang
Barney’s Hostel, Da Nang

My trip to Da Nang was not planned so I had to book a hostel last minute. Without even properly looking, I just took the first hostel I saw. When I came there, the girls at the reception greeted me with the biggest smiles and made sure that I felt at home straight away. Little did I also know that this hostel is designed after the TV show “How I met your mother” (hence the name Barney!). I loved this hostel because it had a really nice vibe to it, the showers were amazing (trust me – good showers are hard to find) and it had this cozy vibe to it.

4. Tribee Bana, Hoi An

Price : 6 USD per night

Tribee Bana, Hoi An
Tribee Bana, Hoi An

Although I never stayed in a different hostel in Hoi An, I didn’t want to. I met some of the nicest travelers in this hostel and it really helped that the hostel had different events going on every evening, so it was easy to connect with others.

It is situated very conveniently in Hoi An, in a more quiet street so that you will get a good night sleep. The staff rented bikes to me so I could peddle to the beach, they always asked me if I needed anything and I felt like I wasn’t just a guest. But try to book in advance since Hoi An is one of the most popular places to visit in Vietnam and hostels usually get fully booked.

5. Mui Ne Hills Backpackers in Mui Ne

Price : approximately 2 USD per night

Mui Ne Hills Backpackers, Mui Ne
Mui Ne Hills Backpackers, Mui Ne

I got to be honest – Mui Ne was not my favorite place. Although I really enjoyed the white and red sand dunes tour, the city itself was too touristy for me. One thing I did really like though, was the hostel. Not only was it probably the cheapest hostel I booked during my stay in Vietnam, it was also the fanciest.

This was the only hostel that felt like a luxurious resort to me and it was the cheapest one – amazing, right? The hostel is quite new, with really fresh facilities and rooms, a big pool where you can swim when it gets too hot, a restaurant that serves really good food and of course – parties. This is one of the biggest party hostels I was in, during my stay in Vietnam.

Although I am not a big party fan – it didn’t bother me at all. Since the rooms are very isolated and the beds are so comfortable that you will surely get a good night sleep.

If you are in Mui Ne and you like to feel spoiled for a very cheap amount of money – go to Mui Ne Hills Backpackers. There aren’t many hostels that will give you this much value for your money.

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Now when you know five of the best hostels in Vietnam, you are all set to go! Whether you are looking for a smaller or bigger hostel, Vietnam has them all.

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