Top Eight Things to Do and See in Hue, Vietnam


Located in central Vietnam on the bank of the Perfume River, Hue was home to the Nguyen Dynasty emperors from 1802 for over 100 years. Despite many of its glorious buildings being destroyed during the American War, Hue still remains a popular tourist destination.

Getting there

Getting visa on arrival Vietnam at Noi Bai Int'l airport in Hanoi city
Getting visa on arrival Vietnam at Noi Bai Int’l airport in Hanoi city

The airport closest to Hue only serves domestic flights currently so if you’re looking to fly into the historic city, you’ll need to head to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City first. The Hue Phu Bai airport is roughly 15km from Hue and taxi fares from the airport are very reasonable. Another option is to travel by train on the main north-south train line between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Finally, the last option is to get a bus, although it’s the cheapest option it’s also the slowest and most complex way to travel. Hue can easily be reached by bus from Dong Hoi and Phong Nha however if you’re travelling from the main cities, flying is the best option.

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With its 19th-century Citadel surrounding the Imperial City filled with palaces and shrines, the city has much to offer in terms of history and culture. The massive complex of monuments and ruins within the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be found in the city. Until 1945, it was considered the capital of Vietnam by the first king of the Nguyen Dynasty. While in Hue, here are eight things to do and see to make the most out of your time.

1. The Imperial Enclosure

Noon Gate in Hue city
Noon Gate in Hue city

One of the most popular tourist spots in Hue, the large walled area surrounded by moats is a citadel-within-a-citadel. Having been badly bombed during the American War, only 20 of its original 148 buildings survived. You can still see remnants of the war today within the remaining buildings. The Citadel is home to several emperor’s residents, temples and other important buildings, you could easily spend a day walking around the historic complex.

2. Thanh Toan Bridge (The Japanese Bridge)

Thanh Toan Tile Roofed Bridge, Hue city

A very historic and popular landmark in Hue, the Thanh Than Bridge is a beautiful piece of architecture. Located around 8km from Hue to the east, it has both Japanese and Chinese features. You can reach the bridge by taxi or rent a motorbike or bicycle for the day.

3. Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu pagoda in Hue

One of the top sites to visit in Hue, the pagoda stands seven stories high along the river on Ha Khe Hill. The ground surrounding the building is beautiful and the pagoda itself holds much political significance. The pagoda was built in 1844 and is considered the unofficial symbol of Hue.

4. Tombs

Grand stairs in Imperial Khai Dinh Tomb in Hue

There are several royal tombs throughout Hue scattered around the countryside that house emperors from the Nguyen Dynasty. The tomb of Tu Doc was built between 1864 and 1867 and is one of the most popular tombs to visit in the city. The emperor designed it himself and can be found 5km south of Hue. Other popular tombs include Minh Mang and Khai Dinh.

5. Elephant Springs

Elephant Sactuary Temple in Hue

Around 53km from Hue, the natural springs are well worth a visit. On a very hot day, the natural pool is refreshing and can be pretty deserted during off-peak seasons. However, if you’re looking to have a cold beer while taking a dip, the food stalls are only open on peak days.

6. The Hai Van Pass

Crest of Hai Van Pass

An opportunity not to be missed, the Hai Van Pass is approximately 21km long with breathtaking scenery and landscapes. Made very popular by the programme Top Gear, many travellers head to the Hai Van Pass to get a glimpse of its beauty. You can take day tours which will include the Hai Van Pass or rent a motorbike from Hue. If you’re not comfortable driving, a motorbike tour would be a great option as they do the driving for you while you sit back and relax.

7. Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba market in Hue

Located on Tran Hung Dao Street and spanning almost 16,000 square meters, the market is host to hundreds of stalls. You can find anything from household items and clothing to fresh fruit and seafood at very decent prices. The market is open very early and can be found in a large grey building on the northern bank of the river.

8. Perfume River

The Truong Tien bridge over Perfume River, Hue

The river runs right through the middle of Hue and is perfect for taking an evening stroll down by the water when city life is a bit overwhelming. Some shops along the river only open up in the evening, so be sure to visit at different times of the day. Boat tours are available as well so you can explore Hue from a different angle as well as head to other areas of the city.

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